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Five Noes

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

How To Become a Feedback Champ

In a society that increasingly emphasizes perfectionism and avoidance of discomfort, we have become much more sensitive around critical and constructive feedback.

Pomp and Reality: Real advice for today’s graduates

An entrepreneur provides a collection of unconventional wisdom from commencement speeches that contain the inspiration and motivation today’s graduates need to live life to their full potential, as well as the clear-eyed reality that doing the work is always hard, no matter how talented they may be.

Why experience sharing is key to entrepreneurial growth

In EO, members are “Forum trained” to specifically avoid giving advice and instead to share their experiences with others looking to solve business challenges. An experienced Forum member expounds on the benefits of this method.

3 Rules of delegation every manager should follow

One definition of a great leader is someone who inspires and empowers others to do their best work, which requires knowing when to delegate and how to do it well. While this certainly isn’t easy, it is necessary.