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Share the Value of EO with Your Kids!

For many EO members, the ultimate path to success as an entrepreneur was built upon the experiences and skills instilled in them by their parents and families at a young age. Introducing those same values… Read more »

Setting Our Kids up for Success

By Peter Nuttall, EO buy college essays Brisbane member and managing director of RUD Chains P/L Last September, while I was visiting Istanbul with my 19-year-old daughter, I reflected on the decisions my wife and… Read more »

How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids

By: Nadia Goodman, a Special to Overdrive Tomorrow’s business leaders and startup founders will be today’s young kids whose parents have raised them with an entrepreneurial spirit — a skill that is increasingly important as… Read more »

Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

The following is an amalgamation of “family economy” stories from EO families who have implemented the family financial system laid out in Richard and Linda Eyre’s new book, The Entitlement Trap: How to rescue your child… Read more »

Bigger Isn′t Always Better: 4 Benefits of Staying Small

While bigtime founders enjoy a wild ride to the heights of success and often sell their companies for mind-boggling valuations, there are downsides to that trajectory. As you consider your growth strategy, take a 360-degree look at what is possible.