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Stepping Up and Out

At Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), we support the positive trend of empowering women in entrepreneurship. Specific groups including MyEO Women of EO encourage support as individuals pursue their unique entrepreneurial journeys. To celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on 19 November, we are sharing exclusive content from three WOMENtrepreneurs from different countries, which may inform others as they embark on… Read more »

How to Avoid Google Penalties

Google can make your business go from invincible to invisible. Learn the rules so you can stay online and easy to find.  Google is the king of online advertising. Like any king, Google has rules that all must follow if they want to stay in Google’s good graces. With just a few keystrokes, your business… Read more »

How to Grow a Business and a Family at the Same Time

Can an entrepreneur nurture a business and a family? Both demand time, energy and commitment. At times, these two aspects of life can seem mutually exclusive. Still, many entrepreneurs achieve a balance and do both well. How do they do it? We asked Don McDonough, regional executive at Merrill Edge, to share his thoughts on… Read more »

Turning an Addiction into a Dream Job

Brad Stevens is an EO Atlanta member, Chair of that chapter’s Accelerator program, and founder and CEO of Brad Stevens Training International, which helps companies identify and implement innovative growth and execution strategies. We asked Brad about his history as an entrepreneur, below. In part 2 of this article, he explains how he helped grow EO Atlanta’s Accelerator… Read more »