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Be who you needed when you were younger

It’s past time to commit ourselves to mentor and coach younger or less experienced people, even if we are young ourselves. Provide them with the information that would have made a difference to us if we had found it sooner. Reset our mindsets and start taking conscious, active steps. Are you in?

How to Become a Circularity Entrepreneur with a Soul

A Circularity business coach shares how adopting a Circularity mindset will empower entrepreneurs to achieve a balance where profit, people and planet are allies that contribute to each other’s development for the benefit of all.

How to protect hybrid work cultures from proximity bias

The post-pandemic hybrid work culture can lead to resentment between employees with differing schedules. A behavioral scientist discusses how to address proximity bias through creating a work culture focused on “Excellence From Anywhere.”

3 strategies to combat digital distractions

Digital notifications and over-messaging are distracting, bad for productivity and can be terrible for our collective mental health. One CEO shares how he strategically carves out focused work segments to enhance productivity.

How to Conduct Strong, Customer-Focused Surveys

Put the right surveys in front of the right people, and they will give you invaluable insights about your business. It’s amazing what you can learn, but you’ll need to carefully craft that experience.

Measure these 5 areas of your business for long-term success

The past year was challenging. But you can get your business back into high gear. Just pay attention to your metrics, keep a handle on your organization’s balanced scorecard model, and help everyone on your team move together toward collective success.