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Joel Gandara: 6X the Value of Your EO Membership

In support of its vision to create the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) encourages new ways of inspiring entrepreneurship through education and experience sharing. One motivated EO member and enterprising parent has taken it to a new level with his commitment to raise the next generation of entrepreneurs in his own home! Joel Gandara is an EO… Read more »

Hyper Targeting Makes the Most of Your Budget

  The right data lets you personalize your message, no matter what your market. Consider this example out of the tourism industry from Morgan & Co., a media agency owned by EO Lousiana member Eric Morgan.  A Millennial, a Gen Xer, and a Baby Boomer walk into a swanky hotel bar. They sidle up to the three feet… Read more »

Having the Conversation

Trust, transparency and triumph—the gift of your family’s future. Written for EO by Susan Michel, founder and CEO of Glen Eagle. Whether we have aging parents, adult children or both, we all should consider having an honest conversation about the future. If there’s one lesson I have learned from working with families over the years, it’s that elderly… Read more »

How Are You Creating Your Legacy?

By Kevin Bonfield, founder and managing partner at Concentre and a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Dallas, Texas. Many of us have never considered what we want our legacies to be. And yet our legacies alone define the ways in which we’ll be remembered. Recently, I joined a group of 100 world changers for… Read more »

The EO Effect

Empowering rural development is the mission of EO member’s Vishal Chordia latest venture. I am one of the founding members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) chapter in Pune. As a member of EO, my story very much relates to the organization’s five core values—Cool, Boldly Go, Thirst for Learning, Trust & Respect and Make a… Read more »