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Benefits of a Shared-Economy Business Model

Photo: Praveen (left), with founder of ShareShed, Daniel DuBois, an EO GSEA finalist The sharing economy is reinventing the way people think, act and play while affecting nearly every industry. We’re witnessing a generational shift… Read more »

11 Business Buzzwords We Used in 2015

Each year, you can expect many colloquial terms or phrases to make their way into business conversation. But only a few will become buzzwords, going viral via the internet or large company mixers. While most of… Read more »

Five Ways We Stayed Motivated in 2015

At EO’s Global Headquarters, we as staff have a passion for serving our members, and we help provide the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for which EO is renowned. What you might not know is that many of… Read more »

This Ingenious Business Isn’t “For the Birds”

Each Wednesday in September, we’ll be spotlighting innovation within GSEA, the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. This week, we’re giving a huge shout-out to Steiner Henkses, the 2015 GSEA winner and CEO of Bird Control Group. His business helps protect… Read more »