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Creating a Unique Company Culture

By Shona Mackin, special to Overdrive and CEO of Social Face I knew I was on track with my company culture plan when, on the office suggestion board one day, an employee had written “dress as a pirate” day. I run a call center, and it’s important for me to have a team that’s energetic… Read more »

How Company Culture Affects Your Retention

By Ronen Aires an EO South Africa-Johannesburg member and director of Student Village Every day I ask myself, “What motivates my staff to come to work and give it their best?” Sure, I foster a comfortable environment and encourage people to grow through peer-to-peer experiences. But what keeps them coming back? Turns out, it all… Read more »

Company Culture at 30,000 Feet

By Floyd Marinescu, an EO Toronto member and CEO of C4Media, Inc. On a flight home from a Forum retreat in Barbados, I noticed something different— the WestJet flight attendants seemed happier. Even the guy conducting the seat belt-and-lifejacket skit was gesturing like a clown! It was the first time in 10 years of travel… Read more »

Having an Open-Minded Company Culture

By Susan Meitner, an EO Philadelphia member, and president/CEO of Centennial Lending Group Every industry and business has its ups and downs. I had been working in the mortgage industry for 20 years before I decided to open up my own company. In my current position as president, I can see when something needs a new… Read more »

What Colors Mean In Different Cultures [Infographic]

BY ERIC LYDAY, recently featured on Ah colors. Though it’s only reflected light emitting different frequencies of the photon wave spectrum, colors are often much more than just that. For many they can describe emotions, nations, ideas, or even memories. In the art world, color can be a crucial element in the expression of a… Read more »