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How to Use Your Company Culture to Generate New Clients

A positive and energetic culture around the office is not something you can, or should, fake. Tom Turner, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member from Nashville, is the co-founder and steward of purpose of DSi, one of the nation’s leading providers of advanced electronic discovery and digital forensics services. We asked Tom how company culture can help… Read more »

5 Ways to Build a Fun, Positive Culture

By Gabe Abshire, an EO Dallas member and CEO, Utility Concierge Sometimes, there’s too much hard work at work. Getting things done is crucial in a functional business, but there’s another side to the productivity coin that’s too often ignored. I’m talking about fun. People aren’t machines, we’re dynamic creatures with incredible creative potential. However, if we’re… Read more »

Keep the Culture Consistent

By Samantha Smith, Chief Executive of finnCap and a member of EO UK – London Seven years ago, I bought out my business from the co-owner and became the first and only female CEO of a broker firm in London. At the time, most other brokerages were run in a very typical manner; they shared… Read more »