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Keep the Culture Consistent

By Samantha Smith, Chief Executive of finnCap and a member of EO UK – London Seven years ago, I bought out my business from the co-owner and became the first and only female CEO of a broker firm in London. At the time, most other brokerages were run in a very typical manner; they shared… Read more »

Building Office Culture with a Morning Meeting

By Andrew Propst, an EO Idaho member and president of Park Place Property Management, CRMC Culture is the most important factor in a successful business. Company culture reflects the beliefs, values, and behaviors of everyone in your workforce. It has a significant effect on the success of a business. Here at Park Place Property Management,… Read more »

Use Your Company Culture to Drive the Customer Experience

By Paul Spiegelman, an Overdrive contributor In my role as chief culture officer, I can talk about our organizational philosophy until I’m blue in the face. And while my evangelizing probably has some positive impact, it’s nothing compared to the brand equity generated by our truck drivers. Yes, you read that correctly: Our customers are… Read more »

Culture Killers

By Matt Shoup, an EO Colorado member and owner of M&E Painting When I founded my painting business in 2005, I admit I wasn’t thinking about the culture of the company. At that stage of my entrepreneurial career, I was only concerned with putting food on the table for my family. It wasn’t until the business grew… Read more »