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Learn How to Handle Stress in a Positive Way

By Larry North, an EO speaker and fitness expert. In our “new” economy, stress levels appear to be at an all-time high. Uncontrolled stress can lead to headaches, body pains, sleep problems, weight problems, depression and more.  Fortunately, we all have the opportunity to effectively manage our stress by making positive lifestyle choices.  This article focuses… Read more »

Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

Change Generation – Aaron Levie, CEO of Aaron Levie knew before most forecasters: It’s cloudy in Silicon Valley. Crafting a Social Media Press Release – The success of a social media campaign is reliant upon the networks and users themselves. Here is how to craft a press release that incorporates social interactivity.

Rules for Successful Succession Planning in Business

By Al Weatherhead, author of The Power Of Adversity and chairman of Weatherhead Industries, a private manufacturer of plastic closures for food, spice, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. I remember going to work six years ago at Weatherchem, my plastic caps and closures company. Before going to my office, I walked around the factory floor to… Read more »

Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

: A good job description begins with a careful analysis of the important facts about a job–such as the individual tasks involved, the methods used to complete the tasks, the purpose and responsibilities of the job, the relationship of the job to other jobs, and the qualifications needed for the job. Grappling with Life After… Read more »

“A New Beginning” for Entrepreneurs

28 Entrepreneurs. 28 Countries. Four US Cities. One Simple Mission: A New Beginning By Cari E. Guittard, MPA, the executive director of Business for Diplomatic Action. If there ever were a time for a new beginning in this country, it is now. The recession is still very much with us. Global crises and disasters compound daily…. Read more »