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Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

A Jump in Hiring—But Only Part-Time | More temp workers are being hired, but companies don’t trust the recovery— hence, they’re not making full-time offers. Private Growth Is Tepid as U.S. Economy Sheds Jobs Overall… Read more »

Coaching is a Daily Practice

Contributed by Chuck Carey, the president and co-founder, Troika Design Group, based in Hollywood, California. When the Los Angeles Lakers won the 2010 NBA Finals, why did celebrated coach Phil Jackson sit on the sidelines… Read more »

Catch Them While They’re Young!

Written by Akhil Shahani, director of The Shahani Group. In theory, all companies like to believe that they’re hiring the best people, and that it really takes talent to make it into their organization. But… Read more »

Nine Reasons to Reconsider Funding

Contributed by Bill Liao, the co-founder of, a business social networking site. I was the CEO of a company that had just closed a €7 million deal, and then six months later we were… Read more »

Employees are Number One

Contributed by Dale Williams, the owner of , a travel nurse and allied health company based in Omaha, Nebraska. A strong corporate culture is the cornerstone of our employee recruitment and retention. It has led… Read more »

Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

How to Avoid Stress in Your Small Business: Some people become successful in business by stressing over every detail. For people who own their own business, working too much begins to negatively affect the rest of their life…. Read more »