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Bridging the Generation Gap

By Sandy Fekete, an EO Columbus member and President of Marketing Works As a “Baby Boomer” entrepreneur, I have to stay flexible when it comes to managing staff expectations. That’s especially true now that my firm is attracting younger employees. More and more Millennials, specifically, have joined my business over the years. In this time,… Read more »

A Next Generation QR Code Will Revolutionize m-commerce

By Robert H. Bloom, author of The New Experts A next generation QR Code will revolutionize m-commerceThe QR code is now enjoying remarkable success in Japan, the Netherlands, and South Korea. Although, the rest of the world – including the Euro Zone and North America – has been slow to adopt it, during the last… Read more »

What Are Brand Ambassadors and How Can You Use Them?

Written for EO by Jessica Thiefels, social media coach and organic marketing consultant. Consumers are tired of being marketed to, especially on social media. In fact, 74 percent of millennials and generation Z consumers don’t want to be targeted by ads in their newsfeed, according to Lithium. What’s more, 56 percent of these consumers are cutting back on social media… Read more »

The Secret to Engaging Gen Z Employees

Written by Heather Watson, behaviorial designer at The Center for Generational Kinetics. A version of this article originally appeared on the The Center’s blog.  Does it feel like you just started getting used to Millennials’ workplace preferences? Well, it’s time to start adapting to the next generation of workers: Generation Z. What’s the secret to engaging Gen Z at work? Feedback, feedback… Read more »

Student Interns: Talent Pipeline or Indentured Servitude?

The importance of student internships is undeniable: An overwhelming 95% of employers say that candidate experience influences hiring decisions. In addition, 75% of companies with student intern programs say the program’s goal is to increase talent pipeline, a fact supported by the 2017 job offer rate for interns reaching 67% with a 76% acceptance rate,… Read more »