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Dutch Studentpreneur Looks Back on GSEA

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)‘s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (EO GSEA) encourage “studentpreneurs” to grow their businesses with support from mentors and fellow entrepreneurs. With 2018 EO GSEA global finals rapidly approaching, we are reaching out to previous participants and finalists to find out how the… Read more »

2016 EO GSEA Global Finals Recap

Last year, the GSEA experienced record-setting global participation, which culminated with 42 students representing 37 countries at the 2015 GSEA Finals in Washington, DC. On the final day of that event, our beloved Chairman-Elect (at… Read more »

Meet the Top 5 EO GSEA Finalists of 2016

The Top 5 EO GSEA finalists have just been announced from the Global Finals in Bangkok, Thailand. Learn more about the companies and student entrepreneurs who are leading this competition.

EO GSEA Winner Champions Sanitation

Ludwick Marishane won the EO GSEA Global Finals in 2011. Here is his TED Talk, “A Bath Without Water,” from 2012 in Johannesburg, along with a transcription.

Highlighting GSEA: Lisa Xiang, Miss China

Each Wednesday in September, we spotlight innovation within GSEA. Today’s post highlights the talents and accomplishments of Lisa Xiang, Miss China and Founder of OIAM, a fashion-inspired company: “The identity of Miss China offers me… Read more »