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How to submit content for publication consideration

EO welcomes draft submissions from members and non-member contributors on a variety of topics that may be of interest to business founders and owners, ranging from work-life balance and company culture to startup experiences and exit strategies. We reserve the right to decline publication, at our sole discretion, of any posts about or including, without limitation, the following topics: dangerous or illegal activities, sexually mature content, partisan political views, child exploitation, medical advice, political causes, lobbying or lobbying activities, promotion of personal causes or private business interests, hate speech, malicious, defamatory or misleading content, violence, harassment, and bullying or threatening content.

EO does not accept paid content nor include paid links on its blog or website.

While we appreciate contributions, we cannot guarantee publication until our editorial team has reviewed draft submissions. If you are interested in submitting a draft, please follow these guidelines to increase your chances of getting published:

  • When appropriate, write the article in the first person—focus on sharing knowledge, ideas, and experiences.
  • Focus on broad takeaway value: lessons learned, insights gained, action steps, best practices, tips, etc.
  • Aim for 600-800 words per article/blog post.
  • Consider anchoring key points with recent and credible research or data insights that other leaders can learn from.
  • Try and avoid too specific of an industry. EO’s community includes a wide range of readers; the broader, the better.
  • In keeping with EO’s non-solicitation policy, content should not be positioned as a means to sell products or services. Avoid submitting posts that are or read like a company press release or an overt business pitch.

To submit a draft blog post that delivers insights, ideas, or inspiration for the world’s diverse community of entrepreneurs, email [email protected].

Please note that we do not enable public commenting on native EO blog content, nor moderate any such commentary that may take place on social media platforms.

However, if someone has a serious concern about the accuracy or tone of content published in EO’s blog or EO’s owned social media channels, and would like to raise a concern with our editorial team for internal review, please email [email protected].

EO Blog Editorial Policy

The editorial mission of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Blog is to provide engaging, authoritative content that is of interest and benefit to a global community of members and our public audience of followers. This group considers the interests of entrepreneurs, business leaders and aspiring founders at every level, stage, industry and size of enterprise. EO uses this platform, and through promotion of its content on EO’s owned social media channels, to provide peer-to-peer learning and first-person accounts written from an experiential, expert, practical, and sometimes contrarian, point of view.

EO’s purpose as a global, nonprofit membership network is to move the world forward by unlocking the full potential of entrepreneurs; promoting and fostering the growth of entrepreneurship by business owners. We therefore seek content that inspires our readers to grow beyond personal limits, pursue their thirst for learning, and develop their leadership skills through thoughtfully written posts about business, growth, and entrepreneurial best practices.

Legal Disclaimer

Any content and/or views expressed in the EO blog or on EO owned social media channels (“EO content”) are solely and exclusively the personal views of the authors, content creators, and contributors of such content, not of EO, its affiliates, agents, or employees. To the extent any EO content makes recommendations for business strategies or best practices, these are intended as informative or inspirational, and do not constitute business or financial advice. Any views expressed in any EO content should not form the basis for making investment or business decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation or advice by EO to engage in any investment or business transactions. Any EO content is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied. Any actions taken by readers based on EO content are at the reader’s own risk. As a condition of access to the EO blog, you release, waive, and discharge EO from, and agree not to sue EO for, any and all loss or damage, and/or any other claim or demands related to or arising from your access to or use of EO content, including, without limitation, any claims or demands related to or arising from financial loss, lost business opportunities, property damage, bodily injury, or death, whether arising from the negligence of EO or otherwise. We take great care to ensure that EO content is accurate on the date of publication but accept no responsibility for inaccuracies and do not generally update past posts with current statistics. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to decline publication of any post that does not meet our editorial policies, tone or content guidelines, or that has the potential to threaten EO’s reputation and/or status as a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization for entrepreneurs.