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A Well-Organized Event Promotes Networking

Contributed by Carol Galle, EO Detroit member. As a certified meeting professional (CMP) and the CEO of Special D Events, a national business event management agency, Galle knows what it takes to design a meeting or event for proper… Read more »

Successful Networking with Less Legwork

By Brandon Dempsey, an EO St. Louis member and partner of goBRANDgo! Five Ways to Land the Clients You Want Finding clients is hard work. People run from event to event, collecting stacks of business cards,… Read more »

The Four C’s of Networking

By Julia Langkraehr, an EO UK-London member, and founder/director of Space and People Often people view networking negatively because they don’t enjoy it, or they feel like they’ve been used by someone at a networking event…. Read more »

Identity Theft through Social Networking

Contributed by Kent Lewis, the President of Anvil Media, Inc. Identity theft affects as many as 10 million Americans each year, costing victims an additional 300 million hours in identity recovery and repair. According to… Read more »