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4 Steps to Hiring a Rock Star COO (Plus, Why You Need a COO!)

Written by EO Germany member and CEO Feliks Eyser. A version of this article first appeared on Feliks’ Medium blog.  Building an amazing company requires more than vision. You’ve heard the saying that every success story is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. You have to sweat and execute! Many people have good ideas, but few can execute and build a great… Read more »

What Solopreneurs Should Know About Hiring

Written for EO by Jessica Thiefels.   Being a solopreneur is difficult. Not only are you responsible for day-to-day operations and deliverables, but you also play the role of marketer, sales person, and human resource manager—among many others. That’s why even the most seasoned entrepreneurs hire experts to help run their business. If you’re an entrepreneur wearing many… Read more »

8 Common Hiring Mistakes

Hiring a new employee comes with risks. The right hire can drive your company forward to greater success. Invest in the wrong person, however, and you can cause real damage to company culture and productivity. Startup CEOs, in particular, should be wary of making common hiring mistakes. 1. Hiring constantly. A common misstep made by… Read more »

Hiring: What’s an “Ideal Fit”?

By Kristen Harris, EO Columbus member and Co-Founder of Portfolio Creative.  In hiring it’s important to remember people are not commodities, individuals are not interchangeable. Even with equal skills or experience, every person is unique, and so is every company and role. It’s important to find the right person for the right position—that’s an Ideal… Read more »

How to Establish a Legal, Effective Hiring Process

Vethan Law Firm P.C. for Entrepreneurs’ Organization Are you an entrepreneur or startup founder who is starting to hire employees? Then it’s critical to be aware of the legal considerations of hiring. The Federal Department of Labor enforces legal policies for employment and is the organization responsible for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs… Read more »