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8 Common Hiring Mistakes

Hiring a new employee comes with risks. The right hire can drive your company forward to greater success. Invest in the wrong person, however, and you can cause real damage to company culture and productivity. Startup CEOs, in particular, should be wary of making common hiring mistakes. 1. Hiring constantly. A common misstep made by… Read more »

Hiring: What’s an “Ideal Fit”?

By Kristen Harris, EO Columbus member and Co-Founder of Portfolio Creative.  In hiring it’s important to remember people are not commodities, individuals are not interchangeable. Even with equal skills or experience, every person is unique, and so is every company and role. It’s important to find the right person for the right position—that’s an Ideal… Read more »

How to Establish a Legal, Effective Hiring Process

Vethan Law Firm P.C. for Entrepreneurs’ Organization Are you an entrepreneur or startup founder who is starting to hire employees? Then it’s critical to be aware of the legal considerations of hiring. The Federal Department of Labor enforces legal policies for employment and is the organization responsible for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs… Read more »

3 Essential Things to Consider When Hiring

Hiring the right team in place can make all the difference and take your business to the next level. Thomas Michael, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member from New York, is the CEO of the Michael Management Corporation – an online SAP certification training company offering SAP eLearning. We asked him how to approach hiring the… Read more »

5 Hiring Tips for a New Business

By Fletcher Wimbush, an EO Accelerator participant Starting a new business is an enormous undertaking. Finding the right staff is an immediate priority for some burgeoning companies, while other, smaller ventures may be able to gain some traction before settling into a serious search. Regardless of your particular case, your first talent search is a… Read more »