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5 Marketing Truths About Generation Z

Written for EO by James Scott.  As marketers, we’ve only started seriously considering Generation Z—the people born between 1995 and the mid-2000s. Until recently, the focus was on Millennials and how we could market to them. The good news is that most people remain focused on Millennials so if you turn your attention to Gen Z, you’ll… Read more »

Preparing for Generation Z Employees

By James Fields, an EO Nashville member and president of Concept Technology, Inc. and Scout Staffing From text messaging and touchscreens to Siri and tablets—the past decade of the technological revolution has rocked our world. But for Generation Z, the cohort of kids born from 1995 to 2009, these advancements are less of a revolution… Read more »

Tips for Passing on Your Values to the Next Generation

The lessons learned through bootstrapping are important not only to entrepreneurs and their workforces, but to their children as well. Whether your kids will one day run the family business or you simply wish to pass on the values and work ethics that helped you succeed in starting and owning a business, devoting time to coaching your children can feel like… Read more »

Bridging the Generation Gap

By Sandy Fekete, an EO Columbus member and President of Marketing Works As a “Baby Boomer” entrepreneur, I have to stay flexible when it comes to managing staff expectations. That’s especially true now that my firm is attracting younger employees. More and more Millennials, specifically, have joined my business over the years. In this time,… Read more »

A Next Generation QR Code Will Revolutionize m-commerce

By Robert H. Bloom, author of The New Experts A next generation QR Code will revolutionize m-commerceThe QR code is now enjoying remarkable success in Japan, the Netherlands, and South Korea. Although, the rest of the world – including the Euro Zone and North America – has been slow to adopt it, during the last… Read more »