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How Do Great Managers Create a Culture of Feedback?

The leadership experts at FranklinCovey have released the essential guide to transforming into the great manager your team deserves. From Scott Jeffrey Miller with Todd Davis and Victoria Roos Olsson, Everyone Deserves a Great Manager provides the support and strategies you need to be a better leader. With permission from Simon & Schuster, Inc., we… Read more »

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

By Miranda Naiman, accidental entrepreneur, motivational speaker, member of the EO Tanzania chapter and founder of Empower Limited, a Tanzanian human capital consultancy firm. It is mind-boggling how much time and money is invested in “strategy” at many companies—with some larger organizations even hiring a full-time person or team to oversee “strategy and innovation.” While… Read more »

A Critical, Yet Often Overlooked, Investment in Company Culture

Written by David Louden. Dave is a co-founder and partner at Fathom, a strategy and creative consultancy based in Connecticut. In the past 25-plus years, he has worked with leading companies and brands to design futures worth fighting for. Dave also conceived and developed the ubiquitous VeriSign Secure Site Seal and helped grow several start-ups to… Read more »

Can Company Culture Be Too Strong?

Written for EO by Jackie Roberson, writer. In many companies corporate culture is never explicitly defined, but rather implied. It shows up in the way that employees interact with each other, the way they dress and maintain their work areas, the hours they work, and how they conduct business with the outside world. Culture is defined through the… Read more »

You Can’t Afford to Make this Mistake With Your Company Culture

Written for EO by Marina Byezhanova, co-founder and director at Pronexia Inc., headhunters for small- to medium-sized businesses and company culture consultants.  If you’ve been trying to fill a position in the last 12 months, then you’ve definitely noticed that it’s become more difficult to attract the same number of applicants that you once did. If your focus… Read more »