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3 Inspirations from Winnie Hart: EO’s 2024 Mark Lincoln Global Volunteer of the Year

As the world’s premier, purpose-built organization with a mission to empower entrepreneurs from every industry, culture, and sector, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a member-led community created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Thousands of member leaders give generously of their time and expertise to help EO connect, inspire, and propel entrepreneurs in their leadership journeys and help move the world forward.

Each year, EO acknowledges those chapters, members, and staff whose significant contributions bolster its organizational goals and initiatives. The Mark Lincoln EO Global Volunteer of the Year Award stands as one of EO’s most esteemed accolades. This year’s recipient, Winnie Hart (EO Houston), was honored at EO’s 2024 Global Leadership Conference in Singapore, where she received acclaim for her unwavering dedication to enhancing the EO experience. Winnie truly exemplifies the true spirit of servant leadership to which all members aspire.

In her 20-year leadership tenure with the organization, Winnie has held volunteer positions ranging from Communications Chair to Global Board Director, and has been instrumental in EO’s progress. She has championed numerous committees and initiatives, notably spearheading the launch of EO’s new brand in 2020 and leading critical projects, including the EO purpose project. Her work has particularly highlighted empowering women entrepreneurs through MyEO Women. Winnie’s innovative leadership and steadfast dedication, especially in her capacity as the Senior Global Board Advisor for Leadership Communications and Brand, have demonstrated her deep commitment to EO’s evolution and member engagement.

The Mark Lincoln Award is EO’s ultimate honor, reserved for those who are on an exemplary journey of leadership and service within our community. It celebrates individuals who embody the essence of volunteerism and servant leadership. Winnie represents the epitome of these ideals, embodying them in her service to EO, and then some.

Lessons and Inspiration from Winnie Hart

We asked Winnie to share insights and lessons she has learned throughout her journey in servant leadership:

1. Empowerment Cultivates Collective Achievement

“Empowering others has always been at the heart of my leadership philosophy. When we support and encourage others, we unlock potential and drive collective success. It embodies our organizational purpose to move the world forward by unlocking the full potential of entrepreneurs.”

2. Empathy Forges Strong Connections 

“I believe that true leadership is built on empathy. By understanding and addressing the needs and concerns of others, we create a supportive environment where everyone feels valued. This empathetic approach strengthens our deep personal connections.”

3. Vision and Commitment Ensure Sustainable Growth 

“Sustainable growth comes from a clear vision and unwavering commitment. Balancing our long-term goals with the needs of today ensures that we not only achieve immediate success but also set the direction for the future. Staying true to our values while adapting to new challenges drives progress.”

Winnie’s leadership exemplifies these principles, demonstrating the profound impact of servant leadership on both leaders and the organizations they lead. Every day, she strives to “earn her wings,” embodying the spirit of service and leadership in every action.

Congratulations to Winnie Hart, EO’s 2024 Mark Lincoln Global Volunteer of the Year!

When she’s not volunteering for EO, Winnie Hart is an author, keynote speaker, brand strategist, and CEO of TwinEngine, a brand growth agency fueled by purpose. She currently serves as EO’s Senior Global Board Advisor for Leadership Communications and Brand. For more insights from Winnie, read her inspiring posts written for EO including 7 Ways Leaders Can Lead When The World Is In Crisis and Women Investing in Women: 5 Key Strategies for a Standout Investment Pitch and 10 Leadership Skills Gained From Serving on a Global Board.

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