Why You Don’t Want to Miss the MyEO DealExchange DX22 Conference

The MyEO DealExchange DX22 Conference will take place in Denver, Colorado, from 12-15 October 2022. The first two MyEO DealExchange conferences in 2018 and 2019 made a significant impact on the members who attended—including a 7-figure investment in Scott Mesh (EO New York)’s company.

To learn more about the MyEO DealExchange DX22 event, we asked Alan Peterson (EO Orange County), champion of the MyEO DealExchange premier group, about the DX22 event. Here’s what Alan shared:

Why did you champion the MyEO DealExchange premier group?

In 2016, I was looking for my next big thing after 25 years of operating a marketing business. I wanted to learn everything I could about the business of buying, growing, and selling businesses. But other than my EO friends and Forum members, I didn’t know of a group I could tap into for this knowledge.

The great thing about EO is: If what you want doesn’t exist, you have the capability to create it through MyEO. So that’s what I did.

MyEO DealExchange was formally approved as a MyEO Premier Group in August 2018. Two months later, we hosted our first conference. DX18 was a huge success, and we more than broke even. Our second annual conference event, DX19, was even better than the first! Now, after pausing for two years of Covid, we’re creating another life-changing event: DX22.

MyEO DX attracts EO members who are looking to transform or reinvent their business strategies or overall engagement with entrepreneurship. Some MyEO DX members are angel investors and serial entrepreneurs with deep knowledge about the process and strategy behind buying and selling companies. It’s an incredibly valuable event for both EO Accelerators and EO members with startups that want to attract investments in addition to EO members who are looking for the right investment opportunity.

The DX event is so powerful because of the networking quality among the MyEO DX community. Our DX events are truly done in the MyEO spirit: By members, for members.

Who can attend DX22?

The attendees must be EO members, EO Accelerator participants, or their vetted guest, such as a spouse or business partner. Each member or Accelerator can bring ONE guest, but not multiple guests. Our goal is to protect and retain the EO community of trust and respect so we can enjoy our “EO instimacy” at the event. We’ve been very successful in creating that environment at previous DX events.

What are some of the DX22 event highlights?

EO members are an extremely high-performing group, and the benchmark for EO events is quite high. At DX22, we will present the same superior level of learning events, speakers, and keynotes that EO members enjoy at EO global events such as Universities or Regional Events—but in a smaller, more focused venue. MyEO DealExchange members are a community of EO members who are laser-focused on high-performing deals, opportunities, and learning everything you need to know to put together such deals.

The three-day DX22 event will be filled with opportunities to network—both formally and informally–and feature intriguing keynote speakers on such topics as real estate, e-commerce and cryptocurrency. We’ll have multiple breakout groups with deep dives into the keynote content so attendees can pick and choose which topics are most interesting to them.

What is the Needs and Leads Speed Networking event?

For that event, we pair participants for three minutes, and then we rotate you around the room. Each person gets 90 seconds to share the details of the investment opportunity or the “deal need” they’re presenting or seeking. The speed round produces an extremely high level of impactful connectivity of resources. During the DX18 event, one participant shared with me that “One of the connections I made during Speed Networking just paid for all of my years of membership in EO! My team is already on the phone with his team putting together a deal.”

The impact that takes place among attendees during Speed Networking is unmatched!

Tell us about the Angel-Shark Experience.

The MyEO DX Angel-Shark Experience is like other Shark Tank experiences you may be familiar with —except with the angel heart of EO Core Values on the table. EO’s “Angel-Sharks” are interested in a good investment. They also want to make an impact on an EO member or Accelerator company not only with money but through mentorship, stewardship, strategy, connections, and resources to help accelerate the company’s vision. There’s a guaranteed minimum US$250K investment, but in previous years, the Angel-Sharks have offered up to US$450K in investment monies.

There’s a lengthy application and vetting process for EO members or Accelerators to qualify to pitch. The 20 or so people selected will participate in a pitch workshop breakout session during DX22.

Round One of the Angel-Shark Experience gives each competitor three minutes to pitch before a big gong ends their presentation. For Round Two, the Angel-Sharks invite 5 or 6 companies back for a longer, more in-depth pitch and follow-up Q&As.

During the exciting conclusion, the Angel-Sharks invite all finalists back onstage to share what they liked, didn’t like, and whether there’s an investment to be made. In past years, EO’s Angel-Sharks have made life-changing offers to EO member and Accelerator companies—including an offer to Craig Misrach (EO San Diego), CEO of UpLyft™, the first FDA-compliant Self Transfer System (“STS”) from bed to wheelchair for people with limited mobility. (Craig had two Angel-Sharks participate in his deal, and one of them returned for additional investments and serves in an advisory board role.)

Who is the ideal attendee for DX22?

Any and every EO member with a sincere interest in investing, raising cash, capital, or equity for their company, and those who are interested in learning how to identify opportunities and make good acquisition decisions to grow their investment strategies.

If you’re interested in dipping your toe into the investment arena, this is the EO event for you. You’ll be surrounded by very knowledgeable EO member investors, and you’ll definitely learn from them.

What’s next for MyEO DealExchange and the DX conference?

It’s amazing to watch the impact this conference has on attendees, and I’m excited to help bring together that impact and the rewarding networking that takes place. People literally get tears of joy in their eyes—they can’t believe they found this particular resource or investor.

Continuing on that path, it’s my hope that MyEO DealExchange becomes a much more institutionalized value proposition and becomes a reason that people want to join EO. While we have a couple of thousand MyEO DealExchange members now, it’s still a best-kept secret of EO. It’s time to shout it from the rooftops: MyEO DealExchange 2022 is the can’t-miss EO event of 2022!

It might be EO’s best-kept secret, but now the secret is out—and you’re invited to attend DX22: Register today!

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