What does gen Z want at work?

Business owners and hiring managers, take note: Generation Z is entering the workforce and you don’t want to confuse them with millennials. Zippia’s 2020 Job Seeker Report reveals that the youngest generation of workers—people under 25—have distinct needs and desires when it comes to the workplace.

We’ve gathered key takeaways from Zippia’s survey of 1,000 American job seekers.

Which benefits will attract Gen Z? 

Gone are the days that employers can install a high-end espresso machine or set up a foosball table and then claim employee satisfaction.

Health insurance, the option to work remotely and retirement benefits top their list. They are also more likely to want student loan assistance than millennials. (Not surprisingly, since Pew Research finds that Gen Z job candidates are the most highly educated generation.)

Work-life balance is key for Gen Z

The numbers show that this younger generation values balance more than any other generation. Even so, a surprising 47 percent of respondents would be willing to take one week or less of paid time off. However, the majority would prefer a shorter work week. 

Why do they leave jobs?

Unlike older workers, many Gen Z believe it’s fine to stay at a job for less than a year. In fact, 47 percent of respondents reported being at their last job for under 12 months. 

When asked, these younger workers cite lack of advancement opportunity as a top motivation to leave a job. Work-life balance and pay were other top reasons.  

On the hunt for a job

Where do members of Generation Z look for their next position? While the majority of all ages search job sites, Gen Z in paritcular values the opinions of friends, family and connections on social media. Companies should keep this in mind as they maintain their social platforms.  

Insights on interviews

A whopping 66 percent of respondents would consider turning down a job after an unfriendly interview. Another turn-off is a long, complicated interview process. 

For more details on this up and coming generation of employees—plus the survey methodology—go to Zippia’s 2020 Generation Z Job Seeker Report

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