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entrepreneurs helping communityAs businesses around the world face extreme crisis, we are also seeing the best of the entrepreneurial spirit come through in the form of generous and innovative assistance.

We are proud to highlight just a few of the ways that Entrepreneurs’ Organization members are helping their communities—and we’re certain there are many more examples happening every day, around the world!

Thank you to all of the entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact during these extraordinary times.

  1. In India, Chiranjiv Patel and Priyanshi Patel led a group of volunteers through the Karma Foundation to feed the homeless and needy as the country is in lockdown. Patel, founding President of EO Gujarat and EO Global Membership Committee Head, and Priyanshi Patel, former President of EO Gujarat, are working with their non-governmental organization Karma Foundation to set up a “mega kitchen.” After just four days, the group had delivered more than 30,000 meal packets.
  2. Industrialists and business owners from the Indian city of Pune—including the EO Pune chapter—have pledged financial support to the area’s healthcare sector and government in order to fight COVID-19. The money will be put toward improving intensive care facilities, purchasing personal protective equipment and improving testing options.
  3. EO member Ben Farmer just launched an app to promote social distancing through his company, ResultStack. The app, Social Distancing Perks, rewards users with points for isolating and points can be redeemed for Perks from retail partners.
  4. Ami Kassar of EO Philadelphia launched a platform where CPAs, bookkeepers and CFOs can offer their services to help small business owners secure financing.
  5. Through his company’s foundation, EO member Alex Yastrebenetsky is making a considerable contribution to the stock of N95 compliant—and sustainable—masks. InfoTrust Foundation, a 501c-3 nonprofit, has donated about US$40,000 to Cintrifuse, a startup hub. Cintrifuse is applying the money to fund Polar 3D to make 3D plastic masks. With 100 3-D machines printing masks around the clock, they are creating more than 2,000 per week.
  6. As the new owner of United Sign, Matt Symes faced some tough choices when coronavirus hit. Work quickly dried up and he worried about having to shut down the 25-year-old organization. Then a fellow EO member suggested to Symes that his business could make masks. “We went from not knowing we had the ability to make these shields to making sort of best-in-class, the same shields they had at Ground Zero in New York, in about two-and-a-half weeks, so it’s a real testament to the skill inside of United.”
  7. After her own experience with coronavirus, EO Cape Town member Kim Whitaker has launched Ubuntu Beds, which is connecting the hospitality and health care industries in order to provide housing for medical personnel.
  8. In Ontario, member Kevin Puloski took just three days to launch a company that manufactures three-ply masks.
  9. EO members in the Philippines submitted a package of recommendations to the government to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) weather the storm of the pandemic.
  10. In South Florida, EO members have launched a “You Are Not Alone” initiative to help area businesses survive, and eventually thrive, despite the economic fallout from COVID-19. Some of the most valuable resources offered include free interactive webinars hosted by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, including EO founder Verne Harnish and others—resources typically reserved for members of the organization.

EO members: Visit the #EOTogether platform often for the latest webinars and resources.

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