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4 Reminders for Writing a Better Email

email writing tipsWritten by Bailey Belmont

To write is human, to receive a letter: Divine? That may just depend on who is writing the message.

In our world of texts, emojis, and abbreviations, proper writing technique in emails still matters. After all, so much of our business communication relies on emails. Clear, concise and error-free writing could ultimately save you time and money.

Follow these four tips to improve your emails in an instant. 

1. Steer Clear of Uncertainties When Writing an Email

Your recipient’s comprehension depends on your clarity. Any expression of doubt, vagueness or even rudeness is unconditionally prohibited. Strive to be polite and professional, and leave no questions unanswered.

2. Fill in Your Subject Line

The subject line is sometimes even more important than the letter itself, for it gives a glimpse at what your email will be about—plus a way for many organized email users to file your message.

Just as we browse long reads by looking at the headlines, so do we scan our email subject lines. Besides, if your letters are without subject lines, chances are the recipient will accidentally, or intentionally, delete them.

Your subject lines should answer three basic questions: what, where and when. Instead of writing “Meeting”, don’t be lazy to expand the context: “Meeting on monthly performance, 29 May, 2 pm.” This information is already enough for an employee to pay attention to the letter and read it.

3. Don’t Write a Novel

As they say, brevity is the soul of wit. So don’t pour everything that springs to mind in paragraphs that are hard to digest.

Filter what is important and what is not and mention the key points in a couple of sentences. Business Insider advises adhering to 50 to 125 words in emails.

If you find yourself writing a report, consider arranging a meeting or attaching a document to your email.

4. Double Check Your Emails

Many find the practice of proofreading short messages a waste of time. But those people don’t appreciate how punctuation errors or typos reflect on your professional abilities. And, in some very specific cases, typos may actually have disastrous results.

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