The Science of Startup: A Conversation with Mike Jones

When Wonder podcast host Kalika Yap sat down to speak with entrepreneur and startup studio founder Mike Jones, he shared his passion for helping others and how the value of learning from others has taken time to appreciate. 

We asked Miranda Naiman, an entrepreneur in the field of talent acquisition in Tanzania, to listen to the Wonder podcast episode and share her learnings. 

First, the basics: What was the episode about?  

Mike Jones shares his entrepreneurial journey that emanates from childhood in fundraising and sales, running a nationally-distributed magazine in high school and eventually setting up a consulting firm in college that was sold. Through the episode we gain insight into how he went back into full time employment and the knowledge that later impacted his current organization, Science. We learn about the importance of access to mentorship, and the mindset of successful entrepreneurs.

What was the “ah-ha” moment for you during the podcast? 

My ah-ha moment was when Mike talks about enhancing success by learning from others. Since I was a child I have been obsessed with understanding the world around me and a strong desire to see others succeed. Many found it annoying, but Mike has reaffirmed that this is an indelible trait of a natural entrepreneur!

Can you list three to five key takeaways from the podcast? 
  1. Entrepreneurs tend to have similar traits (vision, tenacity, resilience), yet they need mentors early on, in the startup phase.
  2. Don’t attempt to juggle everything: Find two or three things you do really well and do those.
  3. Focusing on what is truly important will require sacrificing things that many others have.
  4. Everything ebbs and flows: As enthusiastic as entrepreneurs are, we have energetic peaks and troughs. Such is life.
  5. We are encouraged to follow our passion, but not all passions are “great business ideas.” 
What is the most actionable concept from the podcast?

Simplification. A set routine will conserve your energy by removing the mundane decisions allowing you to invest energy in the important stuff. 

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What idea resonated most with you?

The nature of the work that Mike Jones does at Science personally resonates with me as he is incubating businesses in a win-win way.

If you could ask one follow-up question of Mike Jones, what would it be?

You talk often about your children during this podcast; what tips can you share for fellow parents looking to raise future entrepreneurs?

Miranda Naiman is an accidental entrepreneur, motivational speaker, organizational development practitioner, writer, and founder of Empower Limited, a Tanzanian human capital consultancy firm.

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