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6 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Have a Personal Blog

The marketing value of blogginOnline content is a key ingredient of every marketing strategy. And one of the most popular and effective ways to establish a positive online presence is a blog. Blogging can pay off faster than any other marketing strategy and requires almost no investment.

Still not convinced? Check out these six reasons a blog is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on:

1. Global Brand Recognition

Nearly everyone in the world uses the Internet on a daily basis, so an online presence is the fastest medium for establishing your professional and personal brand. Entrepreneurs are no longer limited by geography, and can market their brand across the globe.

2. Increased Online Audience

Blogging can transform a product from something that’s simply “floating” on the Web to something meaningful and targeted. Consistent and well-written blogs that are optimized for search results will reach an audience who is actually interested in your business.

Your blog is a critical aspect of your SEO strategy. Once you have built an engaged online audience, you can use feedback to improve your products or services, as well as enhance your marketing strategy. This ongoing communication loop can help you increase your potential customers—and boost sales.

3. Market and Communicate

Unlike traditional marketing strategies (print ads, billboards, flyers and postcards, for example),  a successful online blog reaches a huge number of people within a very short timeframe and for little cost.

The best thing? You don’t even need permission or an advertising license to blog about yourself or your brand. You can use the blog to communicate with clients without additional costs, publish updates on new features and products, and market the existing ones.

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4. Generating Ideas

In order to create a successful blog, you need to be consistent. Blog on a daily or weekly basis. Doing so can also increase your idea production better than any muse. Blogging lets you connect to your target audience, ask for feedback, as well as discover fresh perspectives.

Additionally, thinking of new material to write on schedule is a great brain exercise. Eventually, you’ll be selecting from dozens of topic ideas.

5. Your Side of the Story

In your personal blog, you have the liberty to express everything. You can talk about your goals, background, mission and products by simply writing and publishing posts. Readers will be provided an intimate view of your journey and what goes into developing your products and services. Connect with readers, and you create potential customers.

6. Building Trust

New customers won’t trust your business simply because commercials or ads tell them so. Craft your blog in a way that positions you as an expert. Your expertise and authority will contribute to your product’s credibility and, therefore, sales.

olivia ryan blogginWritten for EO by Olivia Ryan. Olivia is a passionate blogger who writes on digital marketing, careers and self-development on many platforms, including Aussie Writings. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter .




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