6 Tech Startup Tips From a Non-Techie

Meet Debbie Goodman-Bhyat. 

She’s the founder and CEO of Jack Hammer, an executive search firm based in South Africa. She is also an EO Cape Town. When Debbie found herself at the helm of a new tech company, Virtual Coaching Partners, she learned all that she didn’t know about web development and tech startups.

She looks back on those first months of “unconscious incompetence” in an article recently posted to Inc.’s EO channel: 

If you had told me at any point in my adult life that I would become a tech entrepreneur, I’d have quickly assured you that you were utterly nuts. I can’t work my home theater system and still need help navigating iPhone software downloads: Technology and I are not soulmates.

And frankly, when I devised a new business concept early in 2017, the only tech component was a hyperlink from one website to another.

But something significant happened when I attended Grow, EO’s regional learning event in Cape Town last February …

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