Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017: Building a Better Brand

This week, EO joins with the Global Entrepreneurship Network in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW2017), which credits the importance and growing impact of entrepreneurship, and features an international calendar of events and partnerships. From 13–19 November 2017, we’ll share exclusive content designed to inspire and inform every entrepreneur—whether you’re in start-up mode or you’re a battle-scarred founder. We believe in the power of learning to grow. We believe in the potential of entrepreneurship as a global force for change. Celebrate with us by visiting the EO Octane blog every day this week!

What is your company’s brand? It’s a voice, an attitude, a theme, a tone, that je ne sais quoi that makes your business unique. Today’s savvy entrepreneurs know that brand goes far beyond logos, color palettes and taglines. In fact, a thoughtfully developed brand will reflect and guide your company’s mission, culture and values.  Today, we explore how to identify, build and promote your brand.

“Turning PopSugar Into a Media Empire,” Lisa Sugar & Kalika Yap

When Lisa Sugar arrived in San Francisco during the dotcom boom of the late-90s, she saw an opportunity to combine her passion for media with the latest web technology. What started as a second job would eventually become global media and technology company PopSugar. In this episode of the EO Wonder podcast, she tells host Kalika Yap about the early days of PopSugar, what keeps business owners up at night, and how she’s kept her company both scrappy and true to its brand. Listen in as two women entrepreneurs discuss the realities of growing a business and a brand.

Lisa Sugar co-founded PopSugar, Inc. and currently serves as its president and editor-in-chief. Kalika Yap is an inventor and entrepreneur who founded the consulting agency Citrus Studios. She is also a member of EO Los Angeles and host of EO Wonder.  

“3 Powerful Steps to Write Your Brand Story,” John Cinquina

Behind every great brand is an authentic brand story, says John Cinquina. But how do you write your story? Follow his step-by-step guide to creating a cohesive brand that activates and inspires.

John Cinquina is the founder and CEO of the Australian brand agency Red Meets Blue Branding, as well as an elumni of EO Perth. 

“Building Your Brand from the Truth Up,” Eitan Chitayat

Eitan Chitayat was a successful copywriter for world-class brands when he discovered an interest for delving deeper—into the heart of a brand to identify and capture its authentic truth within. Authenticity is at the core of his life and his business. Watch as Eitan and his team explore the value of authenticity in marketing and branding.

Eitan Chitayat is the founder and creative director of the branding agency Natie based in Tel Aviv. He is also a member of EO based in Israel.



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