Life Is a Journey. Choose Your Travel Companions Carefully.

You’ve probably heard the saying “life is a journey, not a destination.” Truer words have never been spoken. Even so, most of us find it hard to live this truth. It’s human nature to get caught up with destinations—however intangible. “When I finish my degree and land my first job…” “When I am married with three children and own my own mansion and drive a Range Rover…” “When I set up my business so that it runs itself and I am able to lie on the beach sipping cocktails all day…”

Whatever your destination—the goal that’s unique to you—may be, be mindful who is by your side as you travel.

The journey of life is like a safari in a LandRover 110 on rough terrain, with the fuel gauge wavering and no lodge in sight as the land stretches limitlessly in front of you. You have two choices:

  1. Panic about being stuck in the wilderness with a questionable amount of fuel as you desperately try to find civilization.
  2. Feel the sunshine on your face, look outside the window and admire the incredible beauty of your surroundings. Accept the journey in all its uncertainty, and look around at who is in the car with you.

As we journey through life, people will join you in your car and some will drop off along the way. You must keep moving, regardless. Parents, children, spouses and friends will come and go at various stages of your journey.

As your priorities change or as you grow more comfortable, some people will fall away naturally. Perhaps they no longer share your view of life or maybe they envy your growth. Whatever the reason may be, be sure to keep the company of people who add value to your life and genuinely support your hustle.

Try this exercise today: Sit in a quiet space–ideally in a garden or by the sea. Reflect on your journey. Ask yourself:

  • How has the road been to date?
  • Which companions have dropped off along the way?
  • Who has hopped onboard along the way?
  • Do the people around you today truly add value? If not, why are they still in your life?

The best companions will enrich your journey and support your growth and development.



By Miranda Zelda Naiman, founder of Empower Limited and Learning Chair of EO Tanzania. A version of this article first appeared 24 November 2016 on Miranda’s LinkedIn blogIt has been reprinted here with the author’s permission.

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