Dreams Fulfilled

Nita Maru has led a life of dreams—dreaming of traveling, dreaming of leading an interesting life overseas and dreaming of owning her own law firm.

Today, these dreams have come true, but Nita is still pursuing learning and growth, while maintaining what she calls her “pureness of spirit.” In fact, one thing she loves about being an EO member is how she can learn from people with vastly different backgrounds and cultures, and then apply their insights to her own life.”Through these different perspectives, you can make adjustments in your own life,” Nita says in this video about EO’s diverse and united membership.

Read more about how this Nita Maru built a successful “one-stop law firm” based in Dubai in an Octane post from 2014.

How are you gaining new perspectives and insights? 
Enrich your entrepreneurial journey by learning from a global network of peers. 


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