Principles for More Engaging B2B Content

By Frank Cowell, EO San Diego member and Founder and CEO of Elevator Agency

Bad content is a plague that makes customers cringe. Don’t let it anywhere near your website. B2B audiences are savvier than B2C audiences. They want to be educated and informed by fresh perspectives that are authentic. If you dive deep to bring ingenious solutions that enhance value, your reward will be loyal followers who visit your site—and your business—first. Build your brand by providing authoritative content that is informational, relevant and unique. I help clients do it every day.

In the EO tradition of experience-sharing, here’s what I ask my clientele:

DO READERS VIEW YOU AS AN EXPERT? Are you positioning yourself as an expert with intimate knowledge of your product and audience? Crafting meaty, original content earns their trust. Consistently providing information that only an expert could will result in followers looking to you for advice. You’ll become their go-to resource for questions about your industry, and they’ll be more likely to endorse and share your content. Try to answer readers’ burning questions, ideally before they’re even asked.

DO YOU USE JARGON STRATEGICALLY? Industry-specific buzzwords help your audience feel included and respected, while also showcasing your knowledge. By speaking their language, you prove that you know them and can help their businesses thrive. It’s a fine line with jargon: Too little makes it seem like you don’t understand their world. Too much, and you’re trying too hard. Strive for a conversational tone that exudes expertise.

ARE YOU FORWARD-THINKING? Do you stay updated on industry trends? Readers expect you to. Innovative, authentic content keeps you on the cutting edge. Your opinions reflect valuable insight that no one else has. Why shy away from topics others aren’t addressing?

For three more questions that Frank Cowell asks his clients, check out his article in the March issue of Octane magazine. 

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