MyEO Spotlight: Wine and Dine in Washington, D.C.

By Greg McDonough, EO DC member

While attending the 2016 Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in Bangkok, my wife, Monique, and I had the good fortune of experiencing a MyEO wine dinner.

Individuals were asked to cover the cost of their own food, as well as supply a bottle of wine with a 95+ rating. The goal was to enjoy a range of new wine, shared through a series of small pours. Combine this with the fact that all of the attendees have a passion for fine wine and are—ahem—competitive, and the result was a wine list that could put any five-star restaurant to shame. It was a truly memorable experience.

Months later, when a group of EOers, including many of the new friends we had made in Bangkok, arrived in Washington, D.C., for the EO Global Leadership Academy, Monique and I jumped at the chance to reconnect. We reserved a private room at a French bistro to host our own wine dinner.

What began as a MyEO wine dinner in Bangkok became an opportunity to engage with other EOers from across the globe. This was the start of countless new friendships, none of which would have happened if we hadn’t gotten involved in MyEO. It’s true what they say: Own your own experience!

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