EO Minneapolis Event Injects Energy Into Entrepreneur Scene

Ask Jeff Martin why he participates in the annual Entrepreneurs’ Rally sponsored by EO Minneapolis, and his answer is simple but profound. “It’s a way to give back and a way to strengthen the entire ecosystem of entrepreneurs.”

Designed like the ultimate speed mentoring event, the Rally brings together seasoned entrepreneurs and up-and-coming entrepreneurs in one room for concentrated learning and sharing. The sixth annual Rally took place in March 2017 and drew more than 250 attendees, from varying industries and locations. To attend, early-stage entrepreneurs signed up online with an idea or business plan and arrived ready to learn and ask questions.

During the Rally, Jeff had a chance to talk with three of the entrepreneurs who attended: Cem Erdem, CEO and founder of Augusoft, Tyler Olson, CEO and founder of SMC Pros, and Lou Abramowski, CEO and founder of Evergreen:

For the established entrepreneurs, or mentors, the event provides a dynamic opportunity to pass on lessons learned on a path of growth, success and challenges. It has also kicked off mentoring relationships and even business partnerships.

Not only does it provide entrepreneurial momentum in the Twin Cities, but it has provided a unique platform for EO Minnesota members to give back to the community and enriched EO as well. Early-stage entrepreneurs come away from the event realizing that they “found their clan,” says Jeff. “They didn’t know there were other people like them. They know they’re not like other business people. When they meet these entrepreneurs, they know they belong.”

Jeff Martin is a member of EO Minnesota, CEO and founder of Collective Genius and the producer and founder of Lead By Change, a network of shows for technology leaders focused on driving change and innovation.

Learn more about the Entrepreneurs’ Rally and how you can strengthen the entrepreneur ecosystem in your area by contacting Jeff Martin.

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