Member Spotlight: Cassandra Bailey, EO Philadelphia

Cassandra Bailey is an EO Philadelphia member and founder of Slice Communications. Learn more about EO today!

“In the first ten months since I joined EO, both my business and professional experience have changed significantly for the better. The people I’ve met through EO and the programs they offer, such as Forum, the retreat, and all the events and speakers I’ve been exposed to, have been the most impactful things that EO has provided me and my business, Slice Communications. 

As a business owner, the Forum experience is something that I’m truly grateful for. I have the opportunity to tap into a network of entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries such as hospitality, manufacturing, marketing and advertising, and technology to share insights. Not only do we sit down for a day once a month, but I can reach out to them when I need an outsider’s perspective on a particular situation at any point.  When you’re working so hard in and on your business day-to-day, you don’t have the chance to stop and clearly think about new and different ways to solve a problem of challenge that you’re facing. Having my EO buddies with such diverse backgrounds as a resource is something that I deem invaluable.

In addition, the feedback I receive on issues and challenges that I face as a CEO has helped me realize and understand new things about myself as a leader and the kind of leadership I want to exhibit.  I’ve been able to be more strategic when planning things for the company and be more thoughtful when initiating changes.  These two-way conversations are appreciated.

Slice Communications has also benefited from my EO membership.  I am able to grow this business by taking a global view on situations, rather than focusing on the small details. Seeing my business as a whole system and understanding that it really is a machine has enabled me to understand it in a new and different way.  I seek and find opportunities in places I didn’t realize were there before.  For example, growth paths are something I started implementing into how we work at Slice, which is something that I never would’ve considered without the different and global perspective that I get from EO.”

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