Harnessing the Power of Facebook Live

By Rick Martinez

There is a lot of chatter these days about culture, strategy and how to hire

“A-players” for your company … but I’m a super-simple fella: I want to know all about Facebook and how to use it to my advantage. I don’t mean learn the best way to showcase the burrito I’m eating or post a silly meme. I mean: How do I use Facebook to actually grow my business? So, I did some exploring.

As business owners, many of us believe LinkedIn is the social channel to be on. I’m not here to have a pros and cons argument about LinkedIn vs. Instagram vs. Facebook vs. Snapchat, because any one of these channels is a wonderful medium to expand your reach, brand, persona and even company culture. I did, however, come across a secret door to a fantastic new world. I’m talking about Facebook Live, an entrepreneur’s silver bullet for branding.

Facebook Live is a free tool that helps me get more eyeballs on my business in a single live feed than practically any other “traditional” mode of marketing. In the spirit of experience sharing, I offer a framework for maximizing the impact of Facebook Live feeds. After you come up with a title for your broadcast, consider the following:

Identity: Briefly identify who you are, what you do and a simple way to stay connected with your audience.

Sharing: Share a “pain point” you’ve experienced or a hurdle you’ve overcome; something your audience may be feeling right now (go Gestalt).

Discovery: Explain how you discovered a solution. And frankly, the solution should be you, your company or your product.

Result: What happened? Did you increase revenue, have happier employees or land a better vacation? Discuss the result(s).

After hitting these points, you must leave your audience with a call to action. Once you’ve finished preparing, hit the button and GO! And remember: Don’t overthink it. Give yourself permission to be bad at first. The most important step is getting started. Share your glorious self with the world and prepare to reap the incredible return on investment. Peace out for now. I’ve got a Facebook Live broadcast to hop on in a few minutes.

Rick Martinez (pictured) is an EO San Antonio member, EO Accelerator Chair and the founder of Life Pivot, LLC.

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