EO Staff Spotlight: Dennis Vilovic (Business Development Director, EMEA)

Since 1987, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) has been giving leading entrepreneurs the tools, networks and resources they need to learn and grow in business and beyond. With a global staff comprised of 106 visionaries, we are committed to further positioning EO as a global thought leader. In this special post, we highlight one of our staff: Dennis Vilovic, our Business Development Director for EMEA.

What inspired you to join EO as a full-time staff member?

DV/ “Before joining EO, I was a government advisor in developing countries for 13 years. I consulted with public-sector bodies to improve access to clean water for their citizens, largely through private-sector principles. My work has always been around improving people’s life. When you work with people in power, you realize that developing countries is easy in theory but almost impossible in practice.

“In 2014, I realized if I wanted to keep making a mark, I had to change the ‘how.’ When I first learned about EO and this position, I thought it was a scam! I couldn’t believe there existed an organization with a mission of helping entrepreneurs learn and grow; one led by members who volunteered their time to improve the organization and each other. I feel within EO, members and staff work together toward the same goal— to make this world a better place. That inspired me to join.”

How would you describe your role in EO?

DV/ “For the past six years, I have been living in Kenya. When you live in Africa, you come across a lot of preachers and people who promise you paradise. I am not a religious person, but in my job launching new chapters in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, I sometimes feel like I am a preacher. Whenever I am at a recruitment event, I preach the values and benefits of EO, and I try to enlighten those entrepreneurs who are ready for something bigger. In short, I am EO’s messenger on the ground!”

What should members know about chapter launches?

DV/ “That we’re always looking for member leads! Send the contact details of one lead, supplier, friend, contact, etc. in one of the following locations—Belgium, Milan, Iceland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Lebanon, Egypt, Ghana, Pretoria or Uganda—to [email protected]. And thanks!”

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