Adopting and Abandoning Technology in Your Company

John Brandon, contributing editor at, just published an article entitled, “How to Help Your Company Adopt New Tech Tools,” with a byline reading, “Skip being an early adopter. Become a fast changer instead.” Brandon provides a solid argument for embracing change–a message we know all to well–but his follow-up argument deserves a closer look.

“Be quick to adopt and quick to abandon the trend when you see it doesn’t offer any benefits or an advantage for your company. Terrible products and services reveal themselves quickly. Adopting early should also mean abandoning early.”

On paper, this is absolutely sound advice, but when it comes to real-world application, can small business owners afford to adopt and abandon trends at a high frequency? Adequate training, implementation, testing and analysis all require significant investment from multiple levels of an organization; consistent adoption and adaptation have the potential to distract from fulfilling the primary goals of the company.

How does your company embrace change and adopt new trends without losing the momentum and focus that is vital to your success? Respond in the comments section below!

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