Joi Ito’s Call to Become a “Now-ist”

Joi Ito’s TED Talk from 2014 remains pertinent and valuable in 2016 – are you working too hard to predict the future of your industry, rather than working in the present and foregoing permission? According to Ito, this model (“deploy, or die”) holds much more possibility for your company.

Highlighted points from this presentation:

  • “What happened after the Internet was the cost of innovation went down so much because the cost of collaboration, the cost of distribution, the cost of communication, and Moore’s Law made it so that the cost of trying a new thing became nearly zero”
  • “Nicholas Negroponte famously said, ‘Demo or die,’ as opposed to ‘Publish or perish,’ which was the traditional academic way of thinking. And he often said, the demo only has to work once,because the primary mode of us impacting the world was through large companies being inspired by us and creating products”
  • “You have to get the stuff into the real world for it to really count … we should be getting out there ourselves and not depending on large institutions to do it for us.”
  • “[T]o me, education is what people do to you and learning is what you do to yourself.”
  • “I think the good news is that even though the world is extremely complex, what you need to do is very simple. I think it’s about stopping this notion that you need to plan everything, you need to stock everything, and you need to be so prepared, and focus on being connected, always learning, fully aware,and super present.”

Read the entire transcription and find more inspiring presentations.

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