Meet the Top 5 EO GSEA Finalists of 2016

EO GSEA Top 5 Finalists

The Top 5 EO GSEA finalists have just been announced from the Global Finals in Bangkok, Thailand. Learn more about the companies and student entrepreneurs who are leading this competition.


03. Belgium - Ruben Miessen

Ruben Miessen, Remedia BVBA

Remedia BVBA uses technology to push people to meet each other, manage your team on the go and promote your services using location-based advertising. Via a unique business model, Remedia created a much more effective location-based advertising model than how location-based advertising works nowadays with beacons. They offer an organizational tool to companies which make it possible to organize their employees based on their location. Besides those two platforms, they created FriendFinder, a mobile application which you can use to track the location of your friends.


Ruben’s Vision for the Company: Ruben plans on introducing the platform to the European, American and Middle Eastern markets and making the platform and model the standard for location-based marketing. He reinvented the marketing retail model and created an extra phase named “zetachannel,” which comes after “omnichannel.”


06. Canada - Daniel Dubois

Daniel Dubois, ShareShed

ShareShed is an Airbnb for outdoor adventure equipment. They have raised close to a million dollars with investors such as Ryan Holmes (CEO/Founder of Hootsuite), Lance Tracey (Founder of Peer 1 Hosting), Structure VC/Mike Walsh (Seed investor in Uber and Salesforce), Roger Hardy (Founder of and Clearly Contacts, sold for US$435 million cash), Brian Wong (Founder Kiip) and other top quality investors. Their advisory board includes a director from Airbnb, the CEO of Mountain Equipment Coop, and EO speaker Cameron Herold.


Daniel’s Vision for the Company: They envision a global community making it easy to have fun outside. In three years, their vision is to have created a world of unlimited access to adventure.

El Salvador

El Salvador

Gladys Martinez, VAIZA

VAIZA is an accessory brand that works with artisans who have the same passion, discipline and dedication to their work to give its consumers a bit of their cultural heritage through products that become art pieces, creating opportunities that become jobs for people with unique abilities to treat leather and textile design. The social commitment of VAIZA is to highlight each of its product’s excellence with which they are handmade by Salvadoran artisans, working hand in hand with the designer, seeking to create a work environment that involves the entire community to obtain products rich in textures, local materials and manufacturing processes.


Gladys’ Vision for the Company: Three years from now, she will be exporting her designs to the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Europe. They look forward to becoming a global brand of artistic and fun accessories.

Sri Lanka

41. SriLankia - Buddhika Jayawardhana

Buddhika Jayawardhana, Siplo

Siplo is an online peer tutoring platform. Tutors on the platform are the top-ranked students who passed the highly competitive Advanced Level examination necessary to enter state universities. The platform offers jobs to students waiting to enter university and helps students looking for affordable resources online. To the general public in Sri Lanka, online tutoring is a whole new concept. In September 2015, the business partnered with an investor, and in December 2015, won the HSBC Youth Enterprise Award.


Buddhika’s Vision for the Company: To expand the company’s marketing and help the families of Sri Lanka recognize the value of online tutoring as a viable resource.

United States of America

49. USA - Peeyush Shrivastava

Peeyush Shrivastava, Genetesis

Genetesis is a privately held medical technology company oriented towards the development of efficient and noninvasive cardiac current density mapping. Their
technology utilizes the body’s weak magnetic fields to reconstruct, computationally, areas of high and low electrical conductivity in the heart. Their software, the Genetesis CardioFlux Mapping System, is able to characterize deep sources of current that are consistently missed by the EKG, and does so with the utmost accuracy and 3D visualization. With its noninvasive design, CardioFlux has exciting diagnostic capabilities which will hopefully improve patient safety and physician confidence, with ultimate reduction in cost to the healthcare system.


Peeyush’s Vision for the Company: The target initial focus is on mapping heart rhythm disorders; within the next three years, Genetesis plans to scale into management of myocardial ischemia, screening of cardiomyopathies, and noninvasive evaluation of coronary artery disease (even in the ER).

Good luck to these five finalists in the next round of competition!

**The above students have been listed in alphabetical order by country; this order is not indicative of individual standing in the competition.

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