Insights from the Entrepreneur Who Started During a Recession

Starting a business and maintaining success is never easy, but these tips from one entrepreneur may help ease the journey.

Dr. Vilas Sastry, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member from Las Vegas, is the CEO of Aces Dental, a Las Vegas based Dental Service organization. We asked him about his entrepreneurial journey, which started during tough economic times, and how he’s been able to grow his practice. Here’s what he had to say.

Las Vegas: the cosmetic dentistry capital of the world. You could throw a rock in the air and it would hit a dentist on the way down. It was in this ultra-competitive environment that I decided to start my practice in 2006 with a massive loan from the bank. As a new doctor fresh out of school, I had no clue how to value a business. The practice that I had just purchased did not perform nearly as well as it was originally made out to be, and it began to spiral downward financially almost from the start.

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