Sixteen Insights into Social Entrepreneur, Anju Rupal

Who is Anju Rupal, and what is she doing to better the world? Watch her Project Octane video, “One Hand Washes the Other,” and read our sixteen insights into her career as a social entrepreneur.

1. Anju is inspired in her work by the cleanliness of Switzerland, where she lives.

2. She is empowering girls and women through her business, Abhati.

3. Her “aha” moment happened during a trip to India, when she was asked by a mother to watch two small children so the mother could use the toilet.

4. Fellow EO members didn’t hesitate to help Anju spread the word about Abhati.

5. Research shows that only 53% of the Indian population wash their hands after using the toilet; Anju is trying to change that through education and spreading awareness.

6. Abhati is fighting stigma and deeply-rooted cultural traditions to spread awareness about proper health habits.

7. Visual art plays a role in educating the Indian public.

8. We love this insightful quotation from Anju: “I think everyone wants to make an impact, in some level or form.”

9. Ingredients for Abhati products come from the Indian Himalayas and Swiss Alps.

10. Proceeds go to the Invest in Girls Campaign, which speaks to the importance of better sanitation, as well as buying toilets for schools in India.

11. Abhati means “shine” in Sanskrit.

12. Moringa oil, which is used as a main ingredient in the company’s products, is extracted from the Moringa tree, known as the “Miracle Tree” in India.

13. The company is transitioning into creating organic products.

14. This is a must-read blog post from Anju about identity as an entrepreneur.

15. Anju has run a home for survivors of domestic violence.

16. You can learn more about Anju and her company, Abhati, by clicking here.

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