Our Top Three Most Engaging Stories of 2015

We created 3,065 posts on our social media platforms this calendar year, in which we shared member stories, tips from experts, pictures from events and more! To wrap up the year, we researched and found which stories you liked best. Here were the top three most engaging stories in 2015:

entrepreneurs.com 2
1. “12 Organizations Entrepreneurs Need to Join” by John Rampton, published on Entrepreneur.com

EO was listed as first of 12 organizations that provide entrepreneurial support, education and networking opportunities!


2. “I Never Want to Make ‘Screw You’ Money” by Dan Price, EO Seattle member and CEO/Founder of Gravity Payments

Price, who’s recently made headlines for his personal wage cut to give his staff US$70,ooo minimum wage wrote this article for Octane┬ámagazine; it was re-posted this year.

Forbes Elizabeth Holmes

3. “The World’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs of 2015” by Emily Inverso, published on Forbes.com

With the number of women entrepreneurs rising globally, this story paid fitting tribute to 18 women who’ve made their mark as successful businesspersons.

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