Four Stories About Work/Life Balance from 2015

“Work/life balance” has been continuously preached throughout the past several years, but where and how is it happening? Here are four stories for 4 December about EO members who’ve sought to make this concept a reality:

Dave McLain-3

1. “Work to Live, Not Live to Work” by David McLain, EO Colorado “Ultimately, starting a sabbatical program in our business proved invaluable, especially from a personal standpoint. I discovered that the ultimate luxury in life is time.”

Debbie 4

2. “The Absent Entrepreneur” by Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, EO Cape Town “I now have the confidence and know-how to step away from my business from time to time to pursue whichever passionate endeavors arise.”


3. “Finding Balance in Bali” by Janine Hall, EO At Large – APAC “[W]hile I found success as an entrepreneur, I sensed that I had more to offer. Launching my charity, Creating Futures Foundation, was a natural step for me.”


4. “Go Away to Get Ahead” by Morris Tabush, EO New York “It was the first time since I started my business that I went eight straight days without ‘checking in.’ And do you know what happened while I was gone? A lot, actually.”

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