2015 EO24 Recap: A Record-Breaking Year

This year’s EO24 programming shattered last year’s records and made it the best 24-hour learning event we’ve hosted to date! This amazing 24-hour, interactive experience featured top-class speakers, rich learning opportunities and the ability to live-chat with these speakers and other entrepreneurs globally. This updated, fresh take on a celebration of learning for entrepreneurs worldwide spoke to many facets of the entrepreneurial experience, through EO members and industry experts. Here are a few numbers we’ve collected from EO24:


2,822 unique visitors

1,440 minutes of engaging content

537% growth in viewership from 2014

92 members in the chat

12 speakers

Top 10 visiting countries:

1. United States

2. Ecuador

3. Indonesia

4. Tanzania

5. Russia

6. United Kingdom

7. Turkey

8. India

9. Canada

10. Australia

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