TotalE Family Reflection by Lisa Cini

I think the biggest lie an entrepreneur can tell themselves is that work and family are separate. Trying to separate out my family from my work would be like trying to separate my spirit from my body. If I am the captain of my journey, then they are my ship. They are with me through the storms and the sunshine.

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My son Jacob provides insight and wisdom to me when my business is facing difficult issues – this is priceless. Adellina gives me courage with her no-nonsense, “clinical” view of the business, and my husband Greg always reminds me of the blessings our family has and what we are able to do for others because of this entrepreneurial journey.

Our greatest times together have been at the EO family conferences, where we get to learn and grow together. It has changed our relationship with one another forever, from one of hierarchy to one of collaborative creation. Our future is about growth, supporting one another in business, life and love and helping others to go after their dreams. This would not be possible had we not decided to do this entrepreneurial journey together.

– Lisa Cini, EO Columbus member and Founder, President and CEO of Mosaic Design Studio

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