Defining How I Show My Core Values: A #TotalE Reflection

We’re wrapping up our month of celebrating your #TotalE experiences, all of which are impacted by business, family, community and ourselves. In return, entrepreneurs offer those in their lives a unique perspective and an impactful presence.

This reflection was written by Andy Bailey, EO Nashville member and founder of Petra Coach:

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As a veteran EO member, I have had a lifetime plus of experiences. One of my most cherished and impactful experiences was through a brief forum exercise facilitated by David Katz (EO Vancouver). David flew to Nashville and shared with us the importance of instilling personal core values. He led us in an exercise, known as a “core values auction,” which gave me better insight into many aspects of my own life. Through this experience, I now know that stability and significance are “must-have” values in my life.

I’ve recently reflected on what my family has given me over the years, in supporting me in my own entrepreneurial journey. My wife, Nicole, has been by my side from start to sell, even when business ventures didn’t make it to a fruitful exit. She has provided me with the comfort of stability; I’ll always know she’s there, no matter what, and that she’s continued to take care of our home and family. This solid foundation gives me the confidence to drive forward with less worry.

The second core value I defined was the ability to have significance in others’ lives and in the world. I gain tremendous satisfaction in knowing when I am able to do so, especially in the lives of my family. My girls, Madison and Gracen, give me the perfect opportunity to show this value over and over again. I spend purposeful time with them in father/daughter trips each year, where we go for a few days for one-on-one time and experience what the world has to offer. Sometimes its history, sometimes its adventure – but it’s always rooted in creating significance within my most important relationships.

These are just a sampling of how my family has made me a better entrepreneur, husband, father and fellow EO member. I truly would not be who I am without the support, love and lessons they have given me.

Thank you, Andy, for sharing how your family has impacted your #TotalE experience.

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