“A TotalE Family Affair” by Jamie Douraghy

Many members of my immediate family are entrepreneurs, and several of us have a long history within EO. I, myself, have been an EO Los Angeles member for 11 years; my brother Bejan has been an EO Chicago member for six years; my brother Cameron was an EO San Francisco member for six years. Even my sister and brother-in-law are YPO members in Zurich.

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Above picture: Jamie, Bejan and Cameron Douraghy at the EO Saudi college excursion in 2010

Our family has supported our entrepreneurial journeys for many years in the most important and simplest of ways: being there to support our craziest ideas from the start, seeing  it through tough times, and celebrating small victories along the way.

We make a point of integrating our work with our lives and use every opportunity to see one another, since the six of us live in four different cities. When we know we’re going to be doing something important, we put the word out, and all of us do our best to gather together.

A wonderful example of this was when all of us attended my sister’s photography exhibition in Berlin. After it was finished, five of us piled into a rental car and drove through Eastern Europe, so my family could be there when I competed at the Veteran World Fencing Championships in Debrecen, Hungary.

This strong commitment to one another, and the joy shared through experiencing life together, is very rewarding to us as entrepreneurs. We’re fortunate to have our family’s unconditional support. The featured image shows all of us, our spouses and children in St. Gallen, Switzerland, to celebrate our father’s 80th birthday.

Jamie Douraghy is an EO Los Angeles member, Founder of Artisan Creative and Founder of Life Work Integration

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