#WOMENtrepreneur Tips from Heidi Hanna

What would a Tuesday be without a few motivational tips for WOMENtrepreneurs? To continue on with our theme of “31 Days of #WOMENtrepreneurs,” Heidi Hanna, an EO Speaker, shares a few tips for our audience:

Tip #1: Make taking care of yourself as important as taking care of your business! As women, we tend to put others first thinking that we’re being helpful, but if we avoid self-care we aren’t able to show up as our best self.

Tip #2: Energy management has to be a fundamental part of your business strategy. The best way to use energy effectively is to oscillate between periods of energy output and energy recovery, similar to how elite athletes perform at high levels. Creating clear boundaries and establishing expectations can help make energy management the norm for you and your employees. Schedule shorter meetings, stick to time allotments, and never, ever skip breaks.

Tip #3: As women we are hard-wired to collaborate, but this can be discouraged in the work place through unhealthy competition and low levels of self-esteem, both of which are made worse in times of stress. The female stress response known as “tend and befriend” shows that we are evolutionarily programmed to nurture those around us and build relationships when things get tough. With the right mindset (seeing challenges as opportunities instead of threats) we can build teams and social support systems that fuel successful organizations.

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