The Importance of Leadership

Marsha Ralls – a global fine art advisor and a serial entrepreneur – Founder of Closed Monday Productions LLC

An entrepreneur’s journey can be unpredictable, dragging you through highs and lows that can pull on your integrity and purpose. From my experience, the most important quality that remains consistent through one’s successes and failures is leadership.  Servant leadership was instilled in me at a very young age and it has served me well in my multiple companies I’ve led and the nonprofit boards I’ve served. Serving others prepares you to lead by putting the good of the whole first. It awakens you to opportunities for mentorship, creative problem solving and far broader horizons that just the current needs or desires of me, the CEO. In the process of becoming a servant leader, you naturally develop others’ skills and knowledge that will enhance your company’s value, client loyalty and employee dedication, while teaching others how to be a servant leader through your own example.

Integrity is a powerful force that keeps you on the mind of others long after you’ve left their presence. I’m not always successful, but I try to leave my ego in the dugout, before I take the mound. Batter up!

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