Corporate Leadership Expert Comments on Who Got it Right

With an operational background in transforming leadership in corporate America, Erica Peitler offers analysis and insights on the leadership styles of various business leaders, as they respond to employee issues and workplace challenges.

It’s “no-nonsense” when Erica Peitler addresses leadership issues. Her proprietary methods have helped many organizations and their leaders produce breakthrough results in their performance as well as in the evolution of their cultures—her signature approach is getting leaders to be “change-ready.”

Peitler stresses that “absolute brilliance” will no longer get the “big jobs”, and that today’s leaders require emotional intelligence to enable individuals and organizations to reach their highest degrees of productivity. Leaders must become “social scientists” in order to reach leadership success.  She goes on to say that the two main currencies of leadership are communication and relationships and that each must be developed and practiced in earnest by leadership practitioners.

Additionally, leaders must learn to remain at the correct “altitude” in order to inspire and empower others within an organization.

Erica Peitler is an accomplished leadership performance coach and high impact facilitator. Erica was recognized by New Jersey Biz magazine as one of the 50 Best Women in Business in 2013 and in 2014 has been elected to sit on the boards of two large, privately held companies.

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