Are You Ready for What’s Next?

Each Thursday in September, we’ll be featuring an EO member who’s shared their experiences establishing innovative products or mindsets. This week, we tip our hat to Chad Hughes, EO Calgary member and President and CEO of LandSolutions LP. His article, “The Readiness Factor,” will be featured in the upcoming September 2015 issue of Octane. Chad asks readers if they’re truly ready for growth and the next stages in their business venture.

What do we need to be prepared for, specifically? Read part of the article below and look for the complete piece in Octane, coming soon!

“My journey into the “unknown” started with a solid, five-year stretch of growth and success, which had given me a pretty good sense of confidence … until the bumps and bruises came. Seemingly overnight the tables began to turn, and for the first time in my young career, I questioned if I was capable of having sustained success in business.”

“I continue to have an impressive vision for my life, as well as an innate sense of urgency that creates a lack of patience for things that don’t progress as planned. However, after that rough patch, I started asking myself the really important questions. The biggest one: Am I ready for growth? As entrepreneurs, it’s in our nature to visualize where we will be, what can be or the next venture. Integral to this is dedicating the time to stop and reflect about where we are, as well as our readiness to be in the place we envision ourselves.”

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