The Caring Entrepreneur: A Self-Reflection

By Daniel Moshe, an EO Minnesota member and CEO of Tech Guru

The essence of an entrepreneur is the collection of experiences, stories, successes and failures creatively merged together to create an idea, a product and ultimately, a business.

But, it’s more.  It’s the prerequisite blood, sweat and tears married to fierce determination, sleepless nights and untold sacrifice. However, I submit that true entrepreneurial success cuts to a deeper level of one’s self, revealing an often dismissed attribute: caring. 

This includes caring for yourself, your family, colleagues and ultimately, caring for the world.  Countless studies indicate the barometer of true and lasting happiness points to more than financial gain, power or status.


Similar to Maslow’s hierarchy, if your base (you) is not well cared for, the extent to which your influence of caring for others will be limited.  Now is the perfect time to honestly assess your physical, emotional and spiritual state.  Correspondingly, you may find you need to address each of those areas that solicit deeper exploration.

Moving past self-care, natural progression will allow you to nurture those in your inner circle.  How does your family feel you are caring for them?  Are they able to reap the rewards of your entrepreneurialism, or do they just diligently sacrifice a deeper relationship with you while you grow your business?

Moving beyond home, can you see if your employees feel respected, valued and listened to? Do your colleagues recognize that you truly desire their personal success outside of business? Do they share in yours?

Beyond direct connections, the extrapolation of caring for others will extend beyond your knowledge and disperse to people you may never get to meet. Upon reflection, it’s amazing to see the powerful progression of care spreading from one’s self to strangers. Fully appreciating these connections as an entrepreneur, you will have attained success and will be reap the endless benefits of caring.

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